Hunza Valley The Heaven on Earth

Hunza Valley is a big tourist attraction in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is part of Pakistan. Hunza Valley Weather remains not the same but remains gorgeous and unique every month of the Year.

Β It is a very beautiful place. We can say Hunza Valley is heaven on earth. It contains tall mountains. Here are two famous forts. The first one is Baltit Fort, and the second one is Altit Fort. Here, people speak the Burushaski language.

Famous Things in Hunza

In Hunza, the bazaar of Karimabad is famous for its local traditions, clothes, shawls, embroidered caps, etc.

Its Gemstones are famous all over the world, like Ruby. Ruby mines are popular tourist attractions.

Hunza Valley Weather

In the Hunza Valley, the weather does not remain the same. For as in winter, whether is too cold. And in summer, the weather is normal. In Hunza Valley, the weather changes day by day.

The weather of Winter in Hunza

In the winter the weather in Hunza is very cold. But its beauty shows in winter weather is amazing. All over the world, people visit this place to see the snowfall and its natural beauty.

In short, when people visit the Hunza Valley in winter, they wish to want to live here forever. If you visit once time to Hunza Valley, then you cannot forget the Hunza Valley.

Using the Foods of Winter Weather in Hunza

The visitors and here living people use dry fruits, like walnuts, Pista, nuts, seeds, etc. So, the most famous dishes are in the below Points.

  • Salty Tea

The Tea is here salty. According to these people we cannot take tea, because we addicted of sugar tea and here tea is salty.

  • White Gylaing

A white gylaing dish is used usually at festivals. So, this dish we can take with the salty Tea. It is kneaded and the bread and oil apply to it.

  • Mumto

Mumto dish in the far north of Pakistan is a tasty dish. So, you can say it is Gilgit-Baltistan Samosa. . So, People eat this dish on demand.

  • Charishora

We can call it Gilgit-Baltistan Pizza. It is made with various ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and spices to beef or yak meat.

  • Derahem Fitti

You can call it Paratha. This Paratha is made from Wheat. It cooks in apricot oil. But, many people also apply almond oil.

  • Mowleeda

It is made from yogurt. This yogurt makes by mixing fine pieces of wheat bread, onion, salt, and coriander. It is thick after mixing and then made with ghee or oil.

  • Yak Meat

The yak is a popular animal here. Here people are using this animal meat for food. Therefore, these meat sales are usually.

  • Kaylao

You can call it the chocolate of Gilgit-Baltistan. But, it is used as a sweet dish after eating the meal. Therefore, every hotel provides you with this chocolate after eating a meal and takes separate charges for it.

  • Buttering Dawood

Hunza’s traditional soup is made with apricots in winter. It is made by adding dried apricots with sugar, water, and lemon juice.

  • The famous Fruit Cherry of Gilgit-Baltistan

The most famous fruit of Gilgit-Baltistan is the cherry. The visitors purchase the cherry when they are on a visit to Hunza Valley.

  • Ashkeen

This yellow wood-like herb which getting from the very high mountains. According to these people, it is very beneficial for joint and bone pain. The scientist this herb used in medicine.

Hunza Valley Weather

Weather Hunza in Summer

In Hunza Valley, the weather of summer is stunning. The weather in the Sky is very clear and neat. Due to his clearness and neat weather, the views of Hunza Valley also seem very gorgeous. Mostly people visit here to see its beauty in summer.

Why you should visit Hunza Valley in Summer

What are the reasons why you should visit Hunza Valley in the summer? Therefore, These reasons are below in the points.

  • Neat and Clean Views

Due to neatness and cleanliness, you must visit the Hunza Valley. Because the snowfall does not fall and the way is cleared from snow.

  • Don’t fear of Land-sliding

In the summer there is no fear of Land-sliding. Mostly land–sliding in winter weather and becomes the barrier of the way. But in summer there is no fear of it.

  • See the Snow Melting

One of the reasons for visits in summer is that you can see the melting snow. The view of melting snow is very Gorgeous and you cannot forget this snow-melting scene.

  • Enjoy the River Water Falling

In the winter, due to the negative temperature, the rivers change into ice. So you cannot see the views of flowing river water. Therefore you can see its views in the summer weather.

  • Feeling Comfort not irritated by Cold

One of the biggest reasons, why you visit is in summer, therefore in winter the weather is very cold and we cannot enjoy ourselves due to the coldness. Therefore we can feel easy in summer weather.


In the end, we can say that Hunza Valley is the most beautiful Place. So, it is a very attractive place for tourists. Due to its weather, beauty, and cleanness, we can say it is heaven on earth.

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