Allama Iqbal Our National East Poet

Allama Iqbal full name is Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The real name was Muhammad Iqbal. But due to their knowledge, people called him Allama Muhamad Iqbal. Iqbal was born in the city of Sialkot on 9 November 1877. They belonged to a Kashmiri family. Allama Iqbal father name is Sheikh Noor Muhammad. And his mother name is Imam Bibi.

Early Education

When Iqbal was a four-year-old child, they went for a Quran study in the Masjid. But, after completing the Quran study, they went for primary education at the Mission School of Sialkot. Moreover, they did a Metric from Scotch Mission College in Sialkot. In short, they received an intermediate degree in fine arts.

Higher Education

Iqbal was admitted to the Government College of Lahore. They got a bachelor’s degree in the subjects of philosophy, Arabic, English literature, and further. After that, they received a Master’s degree in Arts from the same college in 1899. Meanwhile, they won the first prize in Philosophy at Punjab University.

Iqbal went to England for higher education in 1905. They got a degree in philosophy from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. They completed their doctorate-philosophy degree in Germany in 1908. So, Allama Iqbal Open University is open your name.

Allama Iqbal Books

Iqbal wrote many books on Poetry, Philosophy, literature, poems, etc. Some books were written for Muslims awareness. They wrote 997 E-Books. However, some famous books are mentioned in the points below.

  • Kuliyat-E-Iqbal
  • Asrar-E-Khudi
  • Ilum-ul-Iqtisad in 1903
  • Remuz-E-Bekhudi in 1917
  • Piyamay-e-Mashriq in 1923
  • Bail-E-Jabreel in 1935
  • Zarb-E-Kaleem in 1936
  • Armughan-E-Hijaz in 1938

Allama Iqbal Poems

Allama Iqbal wrote many Poems. Therefore, I mention the Six famous poems in the points below.

  • Hamdardi
  • Sitaron se Agay jhan aur bhi hain
  • Lab pe Ati ha Dua ban k Tamana meri
  • Tere Ishq ki intha Chahta hn
  • Taran-E-Hindi
  • Nighain-Fiqer ma Shan-E-Qalandri kia ha
Allama Iqbal Poetry Image

Allama Iqbal Quotes

Iqbal wrote very inspirational quotes. Therefore, I mention some further quotes in the points below.

Khud ko ker Buland itna k her taqdeer se pehly

Khuda Banday se khud pochade bata Teri Raza kia ha

Apnay Kirdar per dal k Parda Iqbal

Her Shakhas keh rha ha Zamana kharab ha

Khoul Aankh Zameen Dekh, Falaq Dekh, Fizza Dekh

Mashriq se nikaltay hovay Soraj ko zara Dekh

Haya nhi Baqi Zamanay ki Aankh ma

Khuda kary Jawani Teri rahy Bay-Daag

Role of Creation Pakistan

Allama Iqbal plays the main character in the creation of Pakistan. However, Iqbal gives awareness of freedom to Muslims. Therefore, they gave two national ideas for a separate country. As a result, Iqbal and Quaid-E-Azam play the role of Creation Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal Tomb

In short, Iqbal died on April 21, 1938, in Lahore. Therefore, your tomb is near the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.


In short, we extract the conclusion that Iqbal was a Great and Honest man. They did hard work for the awareness of Muslims. Therefore, they got the title of National East Poet of Pakistan. In short, we cannot reject the Iqbal working for the creation of Pakistan. So, Iqbal will always remain in our hearts.