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We can say, in simple words, that freelancing means a source of Income. Freelancing is available all over the world. But Pakistan is one of the biggest countries that is doing freelancing in countless numbers at this time. Therefore, I mentioned the best freelancing websites in Pakistan in the below points.

There are many ups and downs in business from time to time in the world. But in the Freelancing platforms, people do not only complete their own needs they also earn a lot of numbers.

Freelancing websites Pakistan

There are many freelancing websites in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis work and earn online money on these websites. There are 7 famous freelancing websites mentioned below where Pakistani freelancers do work.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • LinkedIn
  • 99Designs
Freelancing Websites In Pakistan


It was launched in February 2010

It is the biggest and most famous platform for freelancing at this time. If you talk to people about freelancing platforms, they will first tell you about this platform. In every country, people are available to buy and sell in every niche on this platform.

Fiverr deducted the fee on every order. There are many freelancers on this platform but in Pakistan, a top freelancer is Aaliyaan Chaudhary on Fiverr.


Upwork is the best and most professional freelancing platform. We tell about our skills on Upwork by making our profile. However, the buyers see our profile and select us for work. The connections are required for any job on Upwork. So, we should apply for that job, which we can do.

But, if the connections are finished, then we can purchase them. Upwork takes the fees on every order. There are two types of fees. The first is the milestone fee, and the second is the fixed budget fee. Upwork, take the 20% fee on the first order.


It is an Australian platform for freelancing. On this platform, you can also sell your skills and earn money. But the freelancer also deducted his fee on every order. On this platform, mostly Asian people work.


It is also a famous platform for freelancing. There are also 15 free connects applying for the job. But after finishing the connects you can purchase the connects to send the proposal.


It is also a famous freelancing platform. Make a profile and submit your quotes for the job. Clients see your quotes and hire you for jobs. Guru takes the 8.95% commission from the freelancer.


LinkedIn also works as a freelancing platform. It is not a commission-paid platform. Create your profile on LinkedIn and connect the fields related to people. Many employers want to hire professional freelancers.


It is also a famous platform for freelancing, but this platform is mostly used for graphic designing. On this platform, the competition is high. In short, mostly graphic designers join this platform.


In the end, we conclude that on this platform, we can earn handsome money. And we can also financially support our family through these platforms. So, I recommend that you work on this platform and earn a lot of money.