How to Start Freelancing As a Beginner in 2024

Before starting freelancing, there is a need to know about freelancing. What is freelancing? How many earn money from it? What are the benefits? How to start freelancing? etc. In this article, I will clear up all queries of that question.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing means, in a simple word, a way to earn money from the Internet. As we listen, we hear that we can earn money from the internet. But how can we earn money? That is the main question. Therefore, freelancing is a way to earn money from the Internet.

How much earn money from it?

In this world, many people earn money from freelancing. But the question is how much money we can earn. Therefore, according to research, it depends on how much you earn. If you take it as a profession, you can earn money in a lot of ways. Some people take it for a part-time job.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of Freelancing. Four main benefits are mentioned below.

  • No Time Limit

In the Freelancing field, there is no time limit for work. You will schedule your work.

  • Work from Home

There is no obstacle to the office. You can work from home.

  • Work Control

You will be controlling your work yourself. Nobody can interfere with your work.

  • You are the boss of your own work

There is no restriction on the boss. You are free from boss duty and you do the work yourself.

How to start Freelancing?

There are many ways to start freelancing. I will share my own experience that how I started freelancing.

Commonly, if we talk about starting freelancing the first thing that comes into our mind is that we will sell our skills on Fiverrr, Upwork, etc. But for freelancing your niche should be for freelancing.

Therefore, I will clear your mind that freelancing means not selling the skills on the freelancing platforms. But, in freelancing, you can earn money from selling your goods on the internet.  You can earn money from your assets. Like as, YouTube Channel, Your Blog, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media Platforms.

How we start freelancing from these sources, which I described in the above line. These steps are mentioned in the below points.

How to start Freelancing

YouTube Channel

First, you will choose your niche and then you will create a channel according to your niche. For as, if you decide that you will teach freelancing on your channel,. Then you will upload your videos about freelancing.

After the completed watch time and Subscribers according to YouTube, you will apply for monetization. YouTube will pay you money according to traffic on your videos and your video watch time.

Rather than, if your channel caught the eye, then people contact you for their ads. They will offer the money to you for ads on your videos.


You can do freelancing through your blog. If you have good DA and heavy traffic on your blog then you can earn money from Google AdSense. Rather than, people will pay you money for Guest posting.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website then you can do freelancing through affiliate marketing. In this way, you will charge the money from people.

Social Media Platforms

On social media platforms, you can do freelancing through your Social pages, groups, community, etc. It is a big platform for freelancing because mostly people do not know about it. There is a low competition to get orders.

The Best Skills to Start Freelancing

There are many skills for freelancing but I will tell you the top 8 skills for Freelancing.

  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing
  • 3D Animations
  • Data Analytics

The Best Platforms to Start Freelancing

There are many platforms to start freelancing but I will tell you the top 5 freelancing platforms.

  • Upwork


In short, we extract the result that we can do freelancing in many ways. There is a wide scope of freelancing. You can handsome amount from freelancing and building your Assets. Moreover, there is no restriction on the time for working.