The Types of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is Social Media?

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If you have Android or ISO Mobile, you must use social media platforms. Social means society, and media means source. The combination of these meanings is a societal source where everyone can share his/her ideas, images, videos, etc. There are many social media platforms on the internet. But people use social media according to their desires, which they like. All social media have many types of social media marking. I will describe the famous social media platforms. There are 6 major social media platforms and their marketing in the below points.

  •         Facebook
  •         Instagram
  •        Twitter
  •         Whatsapp
  •         Pinterest
  •      LinkedIn

On the above points, all social media platforms have their own social marketing. We can do our business marketing through these social media platforms. If you want to grow your business, then SMM is compulsory.

Types of Social Media Marketing

As you read on the above point’s social media platforms. Now, I will elaborate on their marketing step by step.


It is the social media platform that is most used in the world. It was first only a social media platform, but after its fame, its owner changed into a business idea. Now the question is how can we use it for business ideas?

We can use it for business ideas through Facebook pages, groups, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger Chat, and communities. Facebook allows us to create business pages on Facebook. We can share our business products and skills in these ways.

According to a Facebook survey, there are over 200 billion businesses on Facebook. On the page, we can see insights where you can see the overall business performance. We can run the ads for our business. We can get the clients through the business page. It is the best type of social media marketing.


Instagram is not only a social media platform but it is also used for business purposes. It is part of Facebook. People use Instagram for business purposes. We can convert our accounts into business accounts.

We can run ads on our account and boost our business. There is a facility to add your products to your business Instagram. We can connect our Instagram account to our Facebook account and run ads on both platforms.


Twitter is a famous social media platform where you can market your business. It is mostly used all over the world. Many companies search for their clients on this platform

It is not only a social media platform, it is also a business platform. We can bring traffic to the website and get orders through ads.


Whatsapp is the most famous and most used social media platform. In Asian countries, most businesses work on WhatsApp. You can increase your business through the WhatsApp group, where you can share your business products. 

Whatsapp has a version for business with the name Whatsapp Business. You can run your business ads on Facebook and Instagram. One feature of this account is the catalog. In this catalog, you can learn about your different products.


Pinterest is a very useful social media platform. It is mostly used in European countries. If you have a business in Europe, you can develop it through this platform. In this account, you can create pins for your products. Pinterest also has the feature of ads, where you can run ads for your products. On this platform, you can see your business analytics.


LinkedIn is not the only social media platform. It is a professional platform. On LinkedIn, many firms and companies want to market their businesses. LinkedIn has a premium plan for businesses. In this plan, you can boost the ads of your business. It is the best type of social media marketing.

The Steps are Compulsory for Creative Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Some mandatory points are necessary for marketing. These points are discussed below in detail.

Choose what you want to sell

The first and most important thing is the selection of goods that you want to sell. If you have a specific product, then you can skip this point. But, if you have a large-scale business, then you must consider this point.

When you determine the product, run the ads on it. In this ad, you will give all the necessary information like Product price, Images, Bio, etc.

Research Your Clients

The second important step is to research the clients. It means those things for which clients are searching because, if you provide clients with desired things, then you can get the orders quickly. If your research is good, then you can increase your business.

Use the most running Platforms

You cannot refuse social media marketing. Therefore, it does not mean you will be using all social media platforms. But without using social media marketing, you cannot survive a long time in the market. Therefore, according to countries, you will choose the social media platforms. Asian countries mostly use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Therefore, you will choose these platforms for ads.

Determine Your Budget

Let’s determine your budget before the SMM. According to your needs, you will spend your budget. One more thing is to determine the budget according to your products. It means if you want your famous product to gain more profit, you will spend more on it.

Review of your Website

It is a more important point for SMM. Because people are attracted to see your website reviews. Therefore, if you have a good review, you must show your review in your ad campaign.

Increase your Performance

After reviewing client reviews, you must increase your performance for SMM. If you have good performance in your business, then your clients will trust you. In business, client trust is compulsory.

Types of Ads Campaigns in Social Media Marketing

There are 4 major types of ad campaigns in SMM. I describe it below.

Photo Ad Campaign

In this campaign, your social media shows your ads in the shape of images. According to the survey, a photo campaign can bring more traffic to other ad Campaigns.

For this ad, it is more important that your photos create interest in people. Therefore, they will click on your photo and come to your site.

Video Ad Campaign

Video ad campaign you can run in SMM. But remember that, your video should not be longer. If your video is longer, the user will leave your ad and not visit your website. Therefore, make a short video and describe all things about your business in shorts. The users will come to your website if your video can create interest.

Stories Ads Campaign

Today people like the stories. They want to see the stories. Therefore, you can create ads on the stories. But, if your stories can create interest in your ads, then traffic will be coming to your website. Therefore, your stories’ ads should be interesting.

Messenger Ads Campaign

People like to chat with each other. Therefore, you can create your ads on Messenger. Mostly, youngsters use Messenger. Therefore, you should run the ads on Messenger. Because when they use Messenger, they will see the ads.


In Short, we extract the result Social media marketing is compulsory for businesses. Today’s people are attracted to social media. Therefore, you need social media marketing, if you want to survive a long time in the market. For more informative articles, you can click on continue.

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