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Are you interested in knowing what the University of Michigan looks for in students?

We’re going to be looking at what it takes to get into this school. There are slightly over 32,000 undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Michigan, a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S News and World Report has placed it as the third-best public university in the country. It is a Top 25 university overall.

Last year, over 83,000 students applied to the University of Michigan, commonly referred to as UMich. It provides excellence in the arts, sports, research, education, and more. It provides over 275 degree programs and leads all US universities in research volume. Pre-medical, business, and engineering are notable academic degrees.

Ration of Teacher-Student

The school has a 15:1 student-teacher ratio. It has awarded more than $700 million in scholarships and fellowships to students and won 402 Big 10 sporting championships. One of the greatest tiny college towns in the country is Ann Arbor. The incredibly diversified student body is said to be both serious about their studies and gregarious.

Many students enjoy parties and football on Saturdays. Ann Arbor offers movies, music, and cultural experiences as well. The University of Michigan offers a wide range of academic and social programs. 

The competition is tough. This article will give you information, and tips on how to increase your chances of getting into the University of Michigan! 

Acceptance Rate or Statistics of University 

Let’s start with some statistics. The acceptance rate at the University of Michigan is 22.9%.

In comparison to other universities, UMich’s acceptance rate makes it very selective. It’s not as competitive as LVY League universities or other schools with a similar level of prestige. The average GPA of applicants accepted to the University of Michigan is 3.9.

What you need to get into University

  1. You’ll need, ideally, to include several AP or IB courses. If your GPA is lower than 3.9 and you’re a freshman, then you have time to increase your GPA before applying to the University of Michigan.  
  1. Your greatest option if you’re already a junior is to improve your ACT or SAT score to make up for it. The University of Michigan is test-flexible right now. This means if it’s possible for you, to take the SAT or ACT.
  1. The university encourages you to do so. If your SAT or ACT results are not submitted. Other optional forms of assessment, including exam results from the AP or IB, can be self-reported. Still, I highly recommend including ACT or SAT exam scores with your application.

SAT or ACT Score Requirements

  1. What is a good SAT or ACT score for UMich? For enrolled students, the average ACT score is 33. While the average SAT score is 1435. If you want to increase your chances of getting into UMich, aim for a score that’s above the 75th percentile.
  1. This means an ACT score above 34 or a SAT score above 1530. This helps, particularly when applying to a selective school like Michigan. Naturally, applicants can still be admitted to the University of Michigan with lower scores.
  1. If your GPA is higher than 3.9% and you can score above the 75th percentile on the ACT or SAT, then you’ll be a more competitive applicant. Thankfully, UMich considers factors beyond grades and test scores.

Admission Committee Consideration

  1. According to the University of Michigan’s website, the admissions committee considers each applicant a combination of talents, interests, passions, and skills. They look beyond grades and test scores to recruit a dynamic group of students with a wide variety of backgrounds, intellectual passions, and interests.  
  1. The admissions committee looks for several other attributes for excellent grades and top students. They want students who are leaders and aim to use that skill to serve their communities.  They’re also on the lookout for go-getters who want to learn. Because they love engaging with experiences that are new and different. They are also looking for students who provide educational and cultural diversity to their classes.  
  1. They also see that you’ve participated in activities relevant to your major and have won awards in that field. In other words, your test scores and GPA are important. However, the University of Michigan is looking for students who can succeed at UM.

Tips for Increasing to Acceptance Letter 

At UMich, academics are the most important part of your application. When it comes to your academics,  the university looks at Four key criteria.

  1. First, They examine your GPA, which you should aim to keep above a 3. 9. 
  1. Second, they examine the difficulty of the classes you’ve taken and how well they will prepare you for college. Thus, enroll in the most difficult classes your school offers and do well in them. This entails enrolling in AP and IB classes when they are offered. The University of Michigan won’t use it against you if it isn’t.
  1. Third, if your school gives out a class rank, UMich also considers this. If your school doesn’t, consider noting accolades such as being on the Dean’s List or Honor Roll as part of your application. 
  1. Last, the admissions committee compares your academic interests to the courses you have already taken. For example, if you’re applying to be a physics major,  make sure you’ve taken whatever AP Physics classes are available at your school. The University of Michigan also takes into account academic factors like as scores on standardized tests. The university does not favor one test over the other and will accept scores from both the ACT and SAT.

Conclusion with Tips

I recommend you start preparing for the ACT or  SAT several months before you plan to take it.  

It helps if you start by taking both SAT and ACT practice tests to determine which exam best highlights your academic ability. Once you choose which exam to take, build a customized study plan. Note your strengths and weaknesses.

Which types of questions or skills are the hardest for you? Every week, answer practice questions, read high-level texts, and work on the skills that challenge you. As you get closer to the exam date, ensure you are taking timed practice tests to refine your pacing.

Recall that you are under no obligation to mention your test results in your application to the University of Michigan if you are unhappy with them. Still. A high test score is really beneficial. Hence make sure you give test preparation your whole attention. If you find the process stressful or you’re procrastinating.

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