Results of Pakistan General Election 2024

In the General Election results 2024,

On February 8, 2024, Pakistan held general elections to choose the members of the 16th National Assembly.

The Total Seats of the National Assembly are 266

PTI Independent candidates have 95 seats till now

PMLN gets 75 seats in the National Assembly. 

PPP gets 54 seats among them.

MQM Got to number 17 Seats among them

two thieves in One Frame

Wasim Qadir NA 121 won it handsomely from the PTI supporting seat, but he joined PMLN. The PMLN candidate was defeated by 8,000. Further, The Lahore High Court refuses to election commission to announce the results on the writ seat. Some seats have been stopped, including Rehana Dar seat NA-71 from Sialkot, Yasmin Rashid seat NA-130, Salman Akram Raja seat NA-127 from Lahore, and other seats.

Following calls from Khan’s PTI and other parties for supporters to demonstrate against suspected election manipulation on Thursday, police have placed limitations on “illegal gatherings.” The Election Commission issued the notification on 3 seats of Islamabad for successful candidates.

Ali Baqar Najafi said to the election commission to announce the result on behalf of Form 45.


Election results 2024 have not been completely announced till now. Some Results are Pending due to rigging. To know the complete results attached with us